Donald J. Trump has now officially been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States

After what seemed like the absolute longest election we have ever endured, Donald J. Trump is officially the President of the United States and will now be referred to as ‘President Trump.’ President Trump has proclaimed this a victory was for the “forgotten man and woman,” though I am going to go one step further and say that this victory was for manufacturing workers, Americans with traditional values, our police who have been under assault for the past eight years, for Americans whose lives have been ruined under the economic policy of the Obama administration, and the hundreds–potentially thousands–of people physically assaulted by insane leftist anarchists.

We all know Trump began with a million-dollar loan from his father which he was able to turn into a multi-billion-dollar company with businesses all over the world. We all know Trump appeared on WWE, called Rosie “a fat ugly slob,” and that he hosted the Celebrity Apprentice with his infamous “you’re fired” line. However, I am going to begin this summation from the moment Trump announced his campaign.

The Announcement
Trumps journey began June 16, 2015, with an escalator ride down Trump Tower in New York City. Immediately following the speech political commentators and pundits laughed him off as a joke and a clown not to be taken seriously. However, millions of Americans immediately began listening to Trump’s message of eliminating political correctness and his promise to “Make America Great Again.”

Over the next few months, Trump expanded on his message to strengthen borders (with a promise to build a wall along the southern border), get tough on immigration, reform bad trade deals and giving folks a hand up, not a handout. Trump would engage in many side shows with the likes of Megyn Kelly, John McCain (“I like people who weren’t captured”), and countless others. In December, Trump proposed a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” This proposed Muslim ban sprung up the largest media blitz that any modern president has ever had to deal with. With each passing event, political commentators and journalists promised that it would be either “the end” of Trump or “the beginning of the end” for Trump. Of course, they were wrong.

The Primaries
In January of 2016, Trump was leading in several polls but still, the pundits did not believe he had a winning majority and couldn’t possibly win a single primary, despite him filling up stadiums and arenas with tens of thousands of people. Trump would go on to finish second in the Iowa caucus but handily won the New Hampshire primary. The political establishment was now beginning to realize that Trump, who spent “peanuts” compared to his rivals, was a major threat.

Fast forward to March after many contentious and heated debates between Trump and his rivals, Trump refused to rule out a third-party run if he lost the Republican nomination. The GOP establishment began pouring millions upon millions of dollars into some of the remaining anti-Trump candidates, most notably Rubio in Florida. The GOP establishment believed if they could get their golden boy “little Marco” (Trumps’ nickname for Marco Rubio) to beat Trump Florida that it would stop any movement Trump has built with previous primary and caucus victories. However, Trump would go on to destroy Rubio in his home state. Following Trump’s victory in Florida, a clear path to the Republican nomination opened up.

Though few were prepared for the countless numbers of events which would result in violence, which we know now many were instigated by paid DNC operatives because of Project Veritas, the SINGLE event that was canceled because of protestors violence was a rally in Chicago. The protests spread from outside, to the inside of the arena resulting in multiple injuries including police officers.

During several debates the now President assured the nation that there “was no problem” with his genitalia size, accused President Bush of lying about WMD’s in Iraq (UNHEARD of for a Republican to say), went on late night Twitter rants, and he retweeted photo-shopped images of Megyn Kelly in full Arabic garb and tweets which mocked Heidi Cruz’s appearance.

In early June, Trump was once again faced with violent protests, paid agitators by the DNC, and faced a critical moment of his campaign where he was forced to leave his motorcade. Trump has to be escorted some blocks away from the venue by the Secret Service towards the venue, which he entered through the back way.

Clinching the Nomination
Despite all of the controversies, the naysayers, and the media’s endless onslaught towards Trump, he won the Republican primary with well over the needed 1,237 delegates required to secure the nomination. Donald J. Trump was heading to Cleveland to accept the nomination. Though, he would encounter one of the establishments pathetic attempts to steal the nomination from him with a proposed rule change to allow delegates to “vote their conscience,” no such rule was implemented and Trump went on to give his speech at the RNC.

During his RNC speech, Trump reached out to the African-American, Latino, working class, and every day American communities. Trump railed against wars, illegal immigration, anarchists attacking police, and Hillary Clinton’s failed legacy of “death, destruction, terrorism, and weakness.” Trump gave the American people a clear ultimatum: elect him and get real change or elect Clinton to get more of the same. He also promised that his plan would put America first, not other countries which have been ripping us off for years. He famously said, “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.”

The General Election
The beginning of the general election Trump was found to not have a chance in hell against Hillary Clinton and the media sought to make it their goal to prevent Trump from clinching the nomination. From the fake outrage over Trump questioning why Khazir Khan’s wife didn’t speak herself to more fake outrage over Trump pointing out that a Mexican judge worked with an anti-American group which supported illegal immigration. Trump was hit viciously and repeatedly by the media.

Though, the moment in October that we many believed would be the final nail in the coffin for Donald Trump was the Access Hollywood tape that showed Trump in a private conversation with Billy Bush discussing grabbing a woman’s genitalia and saying that he would just start kissing beautiful women as he got up close to them. The tape was released just before the second debate where Trump would have some of Bill Clinton’s rape accusers and the woman who was raped by one of Hillary Clinton’s defendants, whom she later admitted to knowing he did it anyway and laughed it off.

Trump was able to divert away from the controversy of the tape by staying focused on his message to Make America Great Again. Not to mention the corruption exposed by Wikileaks within Podesta’s emails (expect an article on this at some point). However, most of the media ignored the corruption of the emails exposed because they themselves were exposed in the document dumps! So this argument of Russian hackers helping Trump win is nonsense as the material was hardly covered to mass audiences.

Trump famously branded his opponent “crooked Hillary” and had his tens of thousands of supporters at his rallies chant “lock her up!” These chants became especially noisy in the final weeks of the campaign. During the final days of the campaign, Trump would hold six, or even seven rallies in multiple states during a single day! The man would go from 6 am to after midnight giving speeches to his supporters.
How did Trump get away with so much?
Many of the pundits and corrupt media still don’t understand how Trump, a businessman who has never held nor ran for public office, beat one of the most established and “experienced” politicians to ever seen the presidency. Well, for one, the mood of the American electorate was one of frustration and anger. Americans were sick of politicians forgetting about the everyday American man. And it wasn’t directed at one single political party. When both the Republican and Democrat establishments went after Trump, it only made him stronger due to Americans frustration with the entire political system.

Donald J. Trump was able to win both the Republican primary and the general election by spending much less than his rivals. Trump actually spent half of Hillary Clinton’s near 1 billion dollars and was still able to defeat her, and he was largely self-funding his own campaign. Behind all of the celebrity and political establishment was a candidate who was the absolute worst and most corrupt candidate to ever seek the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton had absolutely no message or vision for the country outside of transgender bathrooms and that the other side was some evil racist, sexist, homophobe. Donald J Trump had a clear and winning message that resonated with the country.

The forgotten man is no longer forgotten and rural America roared louder than they have in decades. Now, Mr. President, it is time to get to work with the hand which we the people have dealt you.


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