Many of the pu**y hat wearing liberals, who caused Canada’s immigration website to crash on election night when the sweeping victory of President Donald J Trump became apparent, are quickly finding out that Canada doesn’t want deadbeats who can’t contribute to their economy. What a shocking concept, right?

Oh no, it appears that being a feminist “bernista” with a genders studies degree isn’t quite enough to gain Canadian citizenship. According to the government of Canada, they place priority on those: who have in-demand job skills, who own a business or have a high net worth, or by having relatives already located in the country. This is also the case for those who wish to immigrate from the United States.

Essentially the Canadian government’s telling social justice warrior feminists to get out of their mothers basement,  pursue something more rewarding than $15 an hour working at McDonald’s, and stop thinking one can just ride off the government for the rest of their pathetic lives. At least if the government was not bound by completely toxic political correctness ideology, this is what they’d say.

So, the same liberals who say conservatives and President Trump are racist for seeking a tougher vetting process to ensure we only allow those who contribute to society and not suck up welfare, are wanting to move to countries with the same policies. Wonder how long it’ll take for the social justice warriors to call Canada a fascist regime built on Nazi ideology. Liberal logic at its best folks.

One has to wonder how long it will take liberals and the Hollywood elites, who promised to move to the nation if Donald Trump won the election, to realize their hypocrisy of wanting to move to a nation which seeks to ensure their taxpayer dollars go to citizens who truly need it and not to a bunch of freeloaders.

Sadly, all of this means that America is still stuck with these losers wearing vagina hats and protesting half naked in the streets, despite no one wanting to see their wretched bodies.


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