Gaga sticks to performing music during the Super Bowl halftime show of the only Super Bowl game to go to overtime.

Lady Gaga, the 30-year-old grammy winning artist, avoided any major political statements against President Trump during her Super Bowl halftime show. She opened her performance using 300 Intel drones to put on a spectacular light show where she stated “One nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” before she descended into the stadium via cable and performed some acrobatic skills not seen anywhere outside of a Cirque Du Soleil show.

Overall, the performance was brilliantly executed and full of several costume changes. Though she didn’t wear a meat dress, she was still very “Gaga.” She stuck to many of her former hits which launched her to worldwide stardom: Pokerface, Telephone, Born This Way, and Bad Romance.

Of course, not all leftists were happy that Gaga didn’t go political, many took to Twitter to claim she decided to use her stage to promote Pepsi instead of delving into some sort of anti-Trump message. Did no one tell these leftists that Pepsi has sponsored the super bowl halftime show for decades? Quite frankly I don’t think the likes of Antifa would be satisfied unless Gaga came out dressed as Trump with her performers decked out in brown shirts and swastikas worn on their biceps.

Gaga decided to send a message of unity rather than angering half of the country by targeting a Democratically elected president. Thankfully Gaga was bigger than the countless advertisers who decided to turn the Super Bowl commercials into various political messages as opposed to making us laugh, which is what the commercials are typically designed for. Kudos to Gaga.

However, Gaga’s halftime performance may not be what history remembers. When she took the stage, the Falcons had a 21-3 lead over the England Patriots but by the end of the fourth quarter, the Patriots had come back from the largest deficit in Super Bowl history to send the game to the overtime, also another first in Super Bowl history. During overtime, the Patriots were able to score an incredible touchdown, which was nearly rescinded after the confetti had already been sent off. The final score was 34-28 New England.

The Patriots even received a congratulatory tweet from the President late Sunday night referring to their incredible comeback.


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